Ranchi, the capital city of one of the prominent East Indian states Jharkhand, is a unique destination to enjoy a vacay! Right from soothing waterfalls and hills to delicious and unique culinary flavours- Ranchi is full of aromatic luscious dishes. The locals in Ranchi preferred simple and earthy dishes but don’t confuse them with bland flavours since the food items here are usually brimmed with multiple ingredients that incorporate a fusion of exclusive flavours. Vegetables, rice, dal, and pickle are known as the staple foodstuffs of Ranchi. People cook and relish the taste and wholesomeness of vegetables in varied ways including fried, roasted, boiled, or curried. If you get lost in the delicious and tempting dishes of Ranchi, then here is a list of most-famous ones that you must try.

Chilka Roti

Remained a part of Bihar until 2000, the most loved staple food of Ranchi is Rice. With a blend of rice flour and besan, Chilka roti is usually relished during the time of festivities. With a similar appearance to Dosa, this roti is served with a non-vegetarian curry made with elephant’s foot yam or mutton curry.


One of the most common and easily found foods in Ranchi, Dhuska is yet another dish that is prepared from rice and the batter of lentils. Accompanied with local spices, you can relish the taste of this dish during breakfast. The dish later goes through the process of deep-frying in mustard oil for that crispy and crunchy taste. This dish is usually relished with a traditional curry ghugni, made with black chickpeas and potato blend.

Delectable dishes in Ranchi you should try once


A refreshing drink, dominant in the whole Ranchi, Handia is a type of rice beer which is made up by fermenting the rice in water for about a week. Ranu tablet that comprises a total of about 20-25 herbs is further added to this drink to bring out the best taste. With a strong pungent smell, the drink leaves strong after-effects too.

Delectable dishes in Ranchi you should try once


One of the most luscious and famous dishes in Ranchi, Pittha is inspired by the state of West Bengal. The Bengali dish pittha is almost the same as this but their varied stuffing makes them both dissimilar. In Ranchi, Pittha is usually filled with aloo ka chokha, dissimilar assortments of stewed dals, khoa, or thickened milk. Pittha is a special delicacy that is usually prepared during the festival of Makar Sankranti.

Ranchi is a city that will make you drool over its multiple delicacies because of the distinctive flavours each and every meal carries. Do try the dishes we have mentioned above and let us know which one is your favourite?

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