In some ways, balcony gardens are ideal outdoor areas. Convenient, large enough to sit on (ideally), but not so large that it becomes too much labour, and the ideal canvas for creating true wow factor outside. Even the tiniest balcony may be transformed into a lovely garden.

And one of the easiest ways for a wonderful expansion of your living room or bedroom or to simply fill the air with the mesmerising smell is to put flower plants in pots. Here are some of the most beautiful and aromatic flower plants that you can easily add to your mini garden.

Frangipani or Champa

Frangipani trees, like other floral plants, require enough sunshine to flower well. If grown in containers, the Frangipani plant prefers afternoon shade; otherwise, full sun or at least 6 hours of sunshine is ideal. As a result, it is an excellent choice for your balcony garden.

Jasmine or Chameli

Jasmine flower is utilised in the production of fragrances and other fragrant compounds in several nations, including India. It’s one of the most fragrant plants. It is simple to cultivate on a balcony. Its blossoms can also be harvested for teas or decorations. Your jasmine will thrive as a potted plant if you give it some time and attention.

Gardenia or Gandhraj

This flower is also known as a white rose in India. During the summer months in India, the flowers blossom with breathtaking beauty. Its aroma is also quite appealing, making it an excellent pick. It also adds a decorative touch to your little landscape.

Rose or Gulab

The rose is one of the most popular scented flowers. It is known as the “Queen of Flowers.” There are various species of this flower, which is also a symbol of love, throughout India. Additionally, it smells exceptionally good and so won’t regret keeping this one on your balcony.

Night Blooming Jessamine or Ratrani

Because of its peculiar bloom habits, the heady aroma of night-blooming jasmine is a delectable secret. This flower, also known as Ratrani or Lady-of-the-Night, lives up to its name. It only blooms at night. It is an evergreen tropical plant.

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