The pandemic had kind of set a monotone to our lives, which we are now trying to break free of by venturing out again, in terms of travel, entertainment and food. If we were focusing more on homecooked food during the pandemic, our palettes are ready to explore some new flavours this summer to add some excitement.

This might be a good time mix it up between cuisines to add variety to the familiar dishes. The chefs at Home, PVR’s luxury lounge and a social and live entertainment club in Ambience Mall, Delhi, are using this opportunity to curate a whole new summer menu that brings unexpected combinations of flavours, cooking techniques and ingredients to the table.

Inspired by the rich and varied flavours from the Indian Subcontinent, the new menu incorporates an array of local seasonal ingredients sourced from home grown artisanal producers intertwined with European cooking techniques, Indian avant-garde culinary experience and Japanese flavours. Indian dishes are combined with various influences, ranging from French culinary presentation involving individual plating or French-style sauces applied to Spanish tapas-like or Japanese Izakaya small plates.

The menu has been conceived by its expert team of Chef Mayank Tiwari, Chef Harpal Singh and Chef Yutaka Saito who have brought together their specialized individual skill sets to develop this summer menu. Delicacies range from French to Japanese and Mediterranean flavours with dishes such as the Harissa and Miso Eggplant with Goat’s Cheese Mousse, Guacamole or the Chilean seabass in a crisp and light dashi broth. Many dishes derive inspiration from the Indian subcontinent such as the signature Jackfruit Chapli burger along with an array of smaller plates and bao sliders.

The menu also has delectable dishes like Japanese Panko crumbed prawns, Classic Besi Belle Bhath, sour cream and Podi. You will also find revamped classic dishes such as the Plantain Shami Kebab, Truffle Mushroom Paté, Cauliflower Khurchan with a truffle cheese curry in a whimsical array of textures and flavours. Desserts range from the Goan favourite Apple Bebeinca to the Mexican Apricot Flan. You could be from any part of India, and from many countries in the world, and still find a relatable dish on their menu.

They acquire local seasonal ingredients by collaborating with homegrown artisanal producers for the fresh preparation of all its recipes. Besides the motivation to offer something new to their patrons, the pandemic has also been a big reason why they have sought a new direction in for their menu. “Through the pandemic, there were a lot of difficulties in sourcing and procurement. The core ethos of Home lies in the quality of the produce. So with Harpal on board, we organically started exploring ingredients, flavor profiles from the Indian subcontinent. It’s a very fun, eclectic space where we try and overlap boundaries of cuisines. It was very beneficial for us, this overlap of layers of cuisine, technique, and produce. So this overlapping of cuisine technique and produce, is what led to the combination of Harpal, me and Saito San bring to the table,” Chef Mayank Tiwari told News18.

For the adventurous diners, yet conscious of mindful eating, they have a widespread menu in their small plates section allowing for a shared and social dining experience. They also customize the dishes to cater to customer demands like vegan and gluten-free dishes.

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