The Kanpur mayor has claimed that biryani shops have been opened at encroached temples located in Muslim-dominated areas.

Kanpur mayor Pramila Pandey with police officials during an inspection. (Photo: India Today)

Mayor Pramila Pandey along with a team of ACP Anwarganj and 4 police stations inspected seven ancient temples of Beconganj and Chamanganj. The mayor said there are 124 temples in the Muslim-dominated areas which have been encroached.


The mayor said that all the temples she saw were in very bad condition or dilapidated. All these have also been illegally occupied.

A notice has been sent to the occupiers of the temples and a reply has been sought in 7 days.

During the inspection, the lock of the gate of one of the temples had to be broken by the mayor at Beconganj.

During this time, the mayor also reached the Baba Biryani and Chand Biryani shops.

The owner of Baba Biryani has been in the news for allegedly occupying temple land and having a Biryani shop on it.

A case of enemy property is going on this, where the administration has mentioned in its report that the land was encroached of Janki temple and a biryani shop was opened on it.

Mayor Pramila Pandey said, “Our temples are in a situation where if any Hindu goes, he will be disheartened. Our temples are full of garbage, biryani is being cooked and I am the mayor. This is unfortunate.”

The mayor said the encroachment of the temple land would not be allowed. She said that there are 124 temples in Muslim areas which have been occupied.

A Muslim cleric called it an attempt to spoil the atmosphere by the mayor and pinned the reason on the upcoming corporate elections next year.

He further said no temple had been encroached in the area.

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