Bengaluru: The continuous downpour in Bengaluru in recent days has completely wreaked havoc on the lives of those living in India’s own Silicon Valley. Not just those living in the low-lying areas but the rich are also bearing the brunt of nature.

One such high-end residential area in the city – Epsilon, 13km from the central business district – is no exception to the rains and has been inundated with rainwater. Bengaluru’s most exclusive gated community is home to big wigs and billionaires like billionaires Wipro chairman Rishad Premji, Britannia CEO Varun Berry.

The society also houses some new-age startup billionaires like Byju Raveendran, Big Basket co-founder Abhinay Choudhari. Page Industries (Jockey) MD Ashok Genomal is also among the select 150 people who live there.

However, nature sees us all alike and Epsilon has gone from being a Utopia of the rich to nothing less than a submerged land overnight, so much so that the residents had to be rescued in boats. The incessant rains on Sunday night have left the multi-crore homes of the city and country’s rich flooded, with no water or power supply.

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To present an idea of how exclusive the area is, a basic villa in Epsilon costs Rs 10 crore. Depending on the size of the plot, the price can easily head north of Rs 20-30 crore. An acre plot is apparently Rs 80 crore.

A video of flooded Epsilon has been doing rounds on social media in which the voices of first responders can be heard as they point to submerged and floating German and Italian cars.

Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal evacuated

On Tuesday, ed-tech platform Unacademy’s CEO Gaurav Munjal shared a video of his family and pet dog being evacuated on a tractor after his residential society was flooded. “Family and my Pet Albus has been evacuated on a Tractor from our society that’s now submerged. Things are bad. Please take care,” he tweeted.

Munjal even asked people to DM him if someone needed any help. I’ll try my best to help, he added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Operating Officer of his company, Vivek Sinha, shared what the view from his patio looked like. All that could be seen were expensive cars and houses submerged in water.

“The next car I buy in Bengaluru is going to be a Mahindra Thar,” he said.

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