Agroup of schoolgirls in Bengaluru was filmed brawling in a shocking video that has emerged online. The teenaged girls reportedly belonged to the prestigious Bishop Cotton Girls’ School.

Undated footage that began circulating online Tuesday shows the girls pulling each other’s hair, throwing punches and slapping each other. Some of the girls were dressed in their school uniform, others wore casuals. The video shows one girl being dragged down the stairs by her hair and hitting her head hard against some parked scooters. A baseball bat was also circulated among the furious gang of schoolgirls.

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Locals in the area were seen trying to intervene and bring the situation under control. Another video from the fight shows one girl walking away with a bloody nose.

A longer video, shared on YouTube, also shows two groups of girls arguing before the situation devolved into a fist-fight. A few people filming the clip were heard instigating the fight.

What sparked the brawl is still not clear, although screenshots circulating on Twitter indicate that the schoolgirls were fighting over one of their boyfriends.

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