Aman named Rajneesh Singh had recently filed a petition with the Allahabad court to open 22 locked doors of the iconic monument – Taj Mahal, with an agenda to look for the presence of Hindu Idols. He claimed that the Taj Mahal was not built by the Mughals, rather it was a Hindu temple known as ‘Tejo Mahalaya’.

Stating how the intent was not to convert it back into a temple but simply finding the truth, his petition was shot by the Allahabad bench as they suggested him to get a Masters degree or PhD and do research on the topic and not make wrong use of the PIL system.

However, breaking some silence over the controversy that suggested Taj Mahal could have been a Hindu temple, was an Archaeological Survey of India official, who came clean about what he had seen. 

Sharing how the doors weren’t locked all the time, especially not when restoration work was going on, the official revealed, “I never saw any religious motifs inside these rooms.” And now supporting the claims were images of the underground rooms in Taj Mahal that showed no sign of any Hindu idols.

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Sharing a bunch of images, the ASI stated, “The work of maintenance of underground cells on the river side was taken up. Decayed and disintegrated lime plaster was removed and replaced by laying of lime plaster and traditional lime processing before application.”

The ASI added, “The work of removal of old and decayed lime plaster and lakhauri bricks was done with the new one. For repairs roof of the Katra Fulel Gate was opened and old decayed lime mortar, etc. was removed and replaced with the new one.”

With more concrete proof, it looks like not much is left to debate upon after all.

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