Recently, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce secretary Mutyala Ramesh and Exhibitors sector chairman T.S. Ram Prasad slammed leading stars for charging high remunerations and being happy with producers giving fake collections of their films

Now, a day after that, the Active Telugu Films Producers Guild (ATFPG) released a statement leaving many in shock. 

In the statement, the producers announced that they have decided to stop shooting from August 1 until they find a balance between the production cost of a film and its theatrical business. 

The note itself was quite ambiguous as it read, “Post-Pandemic with the changing revenue situations and increasing costs, it has become important for producers to discuss all the issues we are facing as a community of filmmakers. It is our responsibility to better our ecosystem and ensure that we are releasing our films in a healthy environment. In this regard, all producer members of the Guild have voluntarily decided to withhold shootings from August 1st 2022 to sit in discussions until we find workable resolutions.” 

Check out the note below: 

Reacting to the note, one social media user wrote, “Why? Because the movies are failing after RRR?” 

Another tweeted, “Every industry is facing the problem but Bollywood ke against kuch zyada hi log boldete hai.” 

A third tweet read, “I have also read about fake collection of Telugu movies . Only producers and actors are happy . No one else”. 

One comment read, “Bollywood is finished vale kaha mar gaye BOI is right every industry in trouble in fact regional industry is in Big trouble not Bollywood”. 

Check out the reactions below: 

While SS Rajamouli’s RRR worked wonders at the box office earning close to Rs 1200 crore, not a lot of other films since then have worked at all. 

Major did do some good business but besides that, almost all other Telugu films have failed at the box office.

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