Adnan Sami is celebrating his 52ndbirthday today. The singer, who had recently grabbed eyeballs with his unbelievable weight loss. The singer had also made quite a splash with his music videos in the early 2000s, where several big stars like Rani Mukerji, Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda were a part. Ameesha Patel was also a part of one of the music videos, and many began to think that it might be because of a slump in her career. However, Adnan Sami had, in an interview then, revealed that she agreed to be a part only because she has always been a dear friend to him.

In an interview with, Adnan Sami had opened up about Ameesha Patel and said, “She is a close friend of mine. She did not charge a single penny for my video. There are rumours that she did the album because she was going through a financial crisis, but that’s untrue. In fact, all my actors have worked free of cost purely as a gesture of friendship. They have not done it professionally, they have not charged me. They know videos have limitations. The budgets are very low. And I am very grateful to them. It was fun working with Ameesha. She is enormously talented and very versatile.”

He had also spoken highly of Govinda and had said, “The first actor I worked with was Govinda. He is a wonderful person, very generous and full of love. People had given me the impression that he comes late but I didn’t experience anything of that sort. Before the shoot, we practised for a while. There was amazing chemistry between us right from the time he walked into the room! We started jamming there and we got so excited; it was really working! He suggested, ‘Let’s not rehearse too much, it will start becoming mechanical’.”

Adnan Sami had started off as a Pakistani national collaborating with Indian artists. However, he fell in love with the nation and took Indian citizenship later. Ameesha Patel will soon be seen in Gadar 2 opposite Sunny Deol, and the actress has also shot significant portions of the film.

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