Losing weight can be overwhelming if your metabolism and diet are not properly taken care of! It is said that fast metabolism is the key to losing weight. Everybody is different and so is the process of digestion and metabolism.

Metabolism mostly depends on genetics and it is described as a mechanism of breaking down food and turning it into energy. While there is no magical potion to change the metabolism overnight, healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle gradually help in boosting it. Varied citric fruits and vegetables swear to speed up the metabolism. Here we bring you a list of natural drinks that can be prepared in just a few minutes, enrich you with heart-healthy nutrients and aid in improving metabolism, further helping in weight loss.

  1. Apple infused cinnamon water

Apple-infused cinnamon water is yet another tasteful and naturally healthy way to boost your metabolism while keeping yourself all hale and hearty. Apples are loaded with Vitamin C and other beneficial phenolic compounds known as flavonoids. Starting your mornings with apple-infused cinnamon water hydrate your body rightly, bolsters immunity and decreases the symptoms of indigestion. Add some slices of mint, apple and cinnamon sticks to a water bottle and keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Take out, sip and refill multiple times.

Fennel seeds aka saunf help in keeping your digestive system on track while fastening your metabolism. This is the reason why it is often served as a mouth freshener because it does not just give your mouth the required minty flavour but also aids digestion. Fennel seeds hold strong and active compounds of plants and combat bloating, constipation and other digestive issues. On the other hand, it gives a pretty detox to your body, aids in weight loss and improves the functioning of the immune system. To prepare this tea, take a pan and add water and a teaspoon of fennel seeds in it and bring it to a boil. Add honey to enhance the taste.

5 Natural drinks to rev up your metabolism to enhance the weight loss process
  1. jwain water 

Ajwain or carom seeds water is a magical potion for great digestive health. Ajwain aid in regulating appetite improves digestion, boosts metabolism and assists in weight loss. You can consume this water in the morning or 30 minutes prior to your breakfast to give a kick to your metabolism. All you have to do is soak one teaspoon of water in 2 cups of water overnight and before consuming it give it a nice boil. 

5 Natural drinks to rev up your metabolism to enhance the weight loss process
  1. Cumin, cinnamon and lemon water

Cinnamon is a superfood that is packed with multiple antioxidants. Cinnamon helps in increasing thermogenesis (the body’s ability to produce heat) by 20 percent and reduces cravings and appetite, all of which aid in shedding extra pounds from the body. Cumin assists in improving digestion while vitamin C and pectin found in lemon help in detoxifying the body. Boil all the ingredients together and sip in the morning for effective results. 

5 Natural drinks to rev up your metabolism to enhance the weight loss process
  1. Chia, lemon water

Chia seeds are filled with fibre, omega3s, antioxidants, iron and calcium which curbs hunger and helps in flushing out toxins from the body while speeding up the weight loss. Adding some drops of lemon increases its nutritional profile, adds up to the flavour and assists in boosting metabolism.

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