Superstar Vijay Sethupathi needs no introduction. The actor is now all set to entertain his North Indian fans with SRK’s Jawan and we can’t wait to watch him fight it out against King Khan. So in case you’re a new fan and looking to watch some of his best works, here are his 5 must-watch movies:

1. Vikram Vedha

One of the highest rated movies on IMDB starring Vijay is obviously our top pick. This film is inspired by the Indian folktale of Baital Pachisi and tells the story of a police inspector named Vikram, who is on a mission to find and kill a gangster named Vedha. The movie was made on a budget or around Rs 11 crores and ended up making over Rs 60 crores at the box-office.

2. Super Deluxe

This is arguably one of the best performances dished out by Vijay Sethupathi, who played the role of a transgender named Shilpa in the film. The movie dealt with many important issues like life, morality, sex, gender discrimination, marriage and was felicitated at many international film festivals as well.

3. Soodhu Kavvum

This comedy crime thriller follows the story of Das who kidnaps the son of a politician. The son plans his own kidnapping for extortion of money and things go down South after a notorious police officer is brought in to investigate the case.

5. 96

This romantic drama starring Vijay with Trisha tells the story of a photographer named K Ramachandran who ends up reuniting with his college sweetheart when he visits his college for a reunion.

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