Coriander leaves, with their refreshing fragrance, enhance the taste of food. However, not many are aware of its other health benefits. According to Healthline, coriander leaves have enzymes that lower blood sugar. This makes it a highly crucial food item for your body.

It helps people with the problem of high blood pressure or type two diabetes. You can enhance the taste of your daily diet by including this leafy vegetable. Let’s learn a bit more about how coriander leaves help you.

Improves digestion

Coriander leaves are rich in fibre and antioxidants, which help in improving digestion. Green coriander also boosts metabolism and keeps bloating and constipation away.

Reduces stress

Antioxidants present in coriander leaves reduce stress. It also brings relief from anxiety and boosts memory.

Good for heart

Apart from vitamins and proteins, coriander leaves also have calcium, iron and manganese. They help control blood pressure and cholesterol level. Its regular consumption reduces the risk of heart-related problems and stroke.

Control diabetes, remove infection

Coriander leaves also help regulate the glucose level in the blood.

Works as an anti-microbial medicine

Anti-microbial elements are found in coriander leaves, they protect you against stomach infections. Green coriander is also very effective against UTIs.

Coriander: The Wonder Herb

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