Kerala, a quaint Southern Indian state, is often called God’s Own Country. Rich in culture, Kerala has a lot to offer, besides backwaters and beaches. The place serves a wide range of authentic traditional snacks that are known for their rich and generous use of coconut and rice. Bursting with flavours, be it sweet or savory, the traditional snacks of Kerala have satiated the appetite of foodies for generations. Speaking of which, here we have listed down five snacks that every traveler must devour when in Kerala.


This rice noodle dish is deeply rooted in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This steamed delicacy consists of rice flour pressed into noodles, which are then woven into a flat disc shape. Once steamed, Idiyappam can be served with Sambar, Rasam, and traditional coconut chutney.

Banana Chips

Banana Chips are undoubtedly one of the most recognized traditional snacks of Kerala, which is relished even abroad. The much-loved savory treat is not only delicious but is also easy to make. Banana, the main ingredient, is first cut into thin slices before they are dried in the sun and fried in coconut oil.


Specially served during marriage and birthday ceremonies, this deep-fried rose cookie has been one of the most-loved snacks in the state. Achappam is often eaten plain but can be spiced up with sesame, cardamom, and cumin. The shape of the delicacy is aptly acquired using patterned irons and molds.

Chatti Pathiri

Similar to lasagna, this layered pastry dish originated in the Malabar region of Kerala. The fillings of the dish can be altered as desired, while the sweet ones are made with eggs, nuts, and raisins. On the other hand, the savory ones have traditional meat fillings. The fillings are placed between layers of thin pancakes before they are baked.

Ela Ada

Made with raw rice flour, sugar, and grated coconut, Ela Ada is served as an evening snack or as part of breakfast. Usually prepared on the occasion of Onam, this Kerala delicacy consists of rice parcels encased in a dough made of rice flour which is steamed in banana leaf.

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