Names of babies starting with R: Are you excited about naming your child and have zeroed in upon ‘R’ to be the first letter for the child’s name? Options are galore and it can get confusing when you are selecting a name. Our names are a very important part of our lives, they become our core identity. Choosing a beautiful name for your child is the innermost desire of every parent. It’s significant, no doubt, because that’s the identity one carries their who life. Remember, kids grow up and so choosing a name a person won’t be embarassed of – be it in school or during mid life – is essential. The meaning of a name also holds key for many parents who want their children’s names to represent something special.

So if your are looking for the perfect baby name that starts with R, you are at the right place! Check out some unique and beautiful names below and what they stand for: 

Indian baby boys’ name starting with R and their meaning:

Rahas: It stands for merriment, delight

Reyansh: First ray of sunlight

Rathik: One who rides a chariot, warrior

Rivan: One who is ambitious, self sufficient

Ritvaan: Lord, one who’s superior

Rathin: Celestial, one who moves the Chariot

Radesh: A name for lord Lrishna

Raah: The way, rasta, path

Raul: It stands for someone who’s versatile

Raif: Kind and compassionate

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