Slide 2 of 20: We start off strong with a sourdough bread with beetroot juice. The juice of this vegetable is really intense, so we don’t need to add much: this way, we don't change the original bread recipe nor recalculate the ingredients.
Slide 3 of 20: Beetroot hummus is the perfect appetizer, not only for its flavor and bright color, but also for its nutritional value. The chickpeas are really rich in protein while the beetroot and sesame seeds provide the organism with folic acid, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

Beetroot dishes

Beetroot is a vegetable full of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, antioxidants, etc., but it also tastes really good. You can use it in sweet and savory dishes and its versatility allows us to prepare appetizers, soups, salads or even desserts. In this list, we will show you how to use this super tasty and healthy tuber that will delight any guest.

Slide 4 of 20: These beetroot chips can be the perfect pairing for the beetroot hummus we did earlier or even for the traditional hummus. What’s more, you can do the two kinds of hummus for the same occasion: the first one following the traditional recipe with chickpeas, and the other one with boiled beetroot.
Slide 6 of 20: How good does this beetroot burger with mango sauce look? And if we use gluten free bread, it would not only be perfect for vegans, but also for celiac people. What a wonderful dish!

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